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Who are we?

Glo-Story is a wholesale fashion brand that brings you quality clothing for women, men and kids on one of the best price in Europe. You can easily make a purchase on our website where more than 4000+ products are waiting only for you. Browse items that you need for your store and have them at your door in a few days thanks to our packaging and shipping team. Learn more about us and get to know the values of Glo-Story!

Why choose us?

  • Excellent Price/Value
  • Incredible Color and Size Variety
  • Helpful Customer Service

Low prices, excellent quality

Do you want to buy wholesale clothing on a very good price range? Then Glo-Story is your place! We provide a huge inventory of clothes on one of the best selling price in the whole European Union. Despite our great prices, our products are of high quality and you won’t be dissapointed after your order arrives.

Wide range of products with quick purchase

Browse thousands of clothes for your store on our webshop and purchase them easily – to start shopping you will only need a quick registration on the Glo-Story website and send us an email to webshop@glo-story.com to start a partnership. After an approval, you can put any of our collection in your cart right away, without any quantity limitation!

We have a wide range of selection of women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, seasonal offers and we also have a permanent basic collection and new arrivals as well. Our clients can also come and take a look at our selection in our Budapest, Hungary based 1000 m2 showroom and 5000 m2 warehouse, where they can make sure of the quality of our clothes.

We take customized orders

One of our biggest advantages is that we make customized clothing for our clients to elevate a more original look. Unique painting designs, trendy prints or different sizes are not a problem for our team – we manage these special requests at ease. Our customer service representatives are going to walk you through the steps of ordering specialised clothing from us – do not afraid to contact us!

Glo-Story is at your service

Our customer service is always ready to help you. Our team exists of native speakers from Romania and Russia, but our sales team is also waiting for your inquiry with native-speaking colleagues (Mongolian, Slavic, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and English).

Besides our official customer service we are happy to help you on WhatsApp, Viber or on our Facebook page, and we also have a private Facebook group with the latest Glo-Story news, brand new collections and more!

Contact us:



What should I do if I want to order?

You only have to make a registration on our webshop and send us an email to webshop@glo-story.com.

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