Terms and conditions of use

Thank you very much for visiting our Webshop. In the following we summarize the principles of electronic trade with our customers. Please, read them thoroughly to get to know the exact terms of purchase.

Registration for Resellers

Our reseller partners can register with our Webshop here. Please, notice that only European  companies who have EU VAT number can become our reseller partners. Companies who are not from Europe also need to give us their country's VAT number.
After the confirmation you can log in and order our products.


You can order only after registration, providing your delivery and invoice data. To register, you have to fill in the datasheet implicitly. Of course, different delivery and invoice addresses can be given as well. You can modify your data any time. You can put the chosen items in your basket after registration. Each of our products has the required quantity, which you need to buy in bag.

You can always check the contents of the basket on the top of the menu bar. If you click on the link ‘View Cart", the basket comes up in full size and the data can be changed, e.g. you can delete items or modify quantities. If you click on ’Checkout’ button, you can give or change your delivery and invoice address. If you have finished and everything is all right, click on the ‘Order’ button at the bottom of the basket. If we have any problem with your order, our colleagues will get in contact with you! Thank you very much for the shopping!’ At the same time, you get a verifying e-mail about your order.


1st Zone: Austria (1-2), Croatia (1-2), Slovenia (1-2)
3rd Zone: Czech Republic (2-3), Belgium (3-4), Netherlands (3-4), Luxembourg (3-4), Switzerland * (4-5)
4th place: England (4-5), Denmark (4),
Zone 5: Estonia (4-5), Latvia (6), Sweden (4-5)
Zone 6: Finland (4-5), Norway * (4-5), Greece ** (3), Portugal (4-5)
Zone 7: Bosnia and Herzegovina * (5-6), Ireland (5), Serbia * (5-6)

(Expected transit times can be found in brackets in addition to countries)
Delivery times are not guaranteed and are for information purposes only.
* For a country with a mark, the delivery time may be extended with customs clearance time
** In the case of Greece, the island of Crete is € 3, € 6 and the other islands are charged € 11.

Zone 0-30 kg 30-60 kg 60-90 kg 90-120 kg 120-150 kg 150-180kg 180-210 kg 210-240 kg 240-270 kg 270-300 kg
1 16 32 48 64 80 96 112 128 144 160
SK, DE 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 112 126 140
3 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
4 23 46 69 92 115 138 161 184 207 230
5 22,5 45 67,5 90 112,5 135 157,5 180 202,5 225
6 35,5 71 106,5 142 177,5 213 248,5 284 319,5 355
7 41,5 83 124,5 166 207,5 249 290,5 332 373,5 415
BG, FR, IT, LV 21 42 63 84 105 126 147 168 189 210
ES 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300
PL 20,5 41 61,5 82 102,5 123 143,5 164 184,5 205
RO 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 112 126 140
SE 23 46 69 92 115 138 161 184 207 230

Data Protection Statement

Protection of Personal Data: We consider personal data to be the information by which you can be directly identified (first name, last name). Your data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Passing on Information to Third Parties: Except for the delivery address sent to the courier service, your data will not be passed to third parties. However, the courier service is not entitled to keep, use or forward the delivery information received from our company to other persons in any way.

Safety: As a safety measure, the information provided to us by completing the on-line forms will be secured by your username and password.

Your approval: By using this website you agree with the conditions of this data protection policy and allow us to use your data as indicated herein.

Delivery and Payment


The orders are delivered by DPD, DHL, GLS logistic operator within from 2-7 working days  after the package was handed over to them.


The customer has to pay the price of the products and delivery. Our customers can choose the following  payment methods:

  • in Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card

Our Bank account information:

Company name: Glo-Story Kft.

Account number (€): 13513203-13202010-00002658

IBAN code: HU96-13513203-13202010-00002658

Swift code: KODBHUHB

Bank name: KDB Bank

Comments and complaints on delivery

If you find any damage or difference to what you ordered, please, inform us about such or similar cases (e.g. a difference between the invoiced and delivered products, etc.) in email (webshop@glo-story.com), on the phone (+36-30-3891052) or by post (H- 1107 Budapest, Monori u.2-4.Hungary) within 48 hours from receiving the package.

Withdraw from Purchase

Customers can withdraw their wish to purchase within fourteen working days after receiving the order. They just have to send a Withdraw request in email (webshop@glo-story.com)  in fourteen working days. In this case the Glo-Story Ltd. is obliged to refund the money paid by the buyer at once, but at last in 30 days after getting back the products. However, the costs coming from the withdrawal must be covered by the customer. We take back and return the price of only unharmed, full products in unharmed packing. The costs resulting from damaging the packing or not using the product according to its intended purpose must be paid by the buyer.

Limited responsibility

The Glo-Story Ldt. shall not be held responsible for access to the internet store operated by it commissioned, or for any vis major events or other occurrences beyond its control. 

Webshop operator company data:
GLO-STAR 2014 Ltd.
1037 Budapest, Királylaki köz 16.
Vat number: 25119033-2-41.

We hope our Webshop impressed you and we can welcome you among our regular customers.